Hey Agrisquad,

Happy September, we hope you enjoyed your summer, we definitely have! Now we're back, and we're going back to basics. The reason why  we started Agriafriq was because we wanted to educate, equip and inspire a community of Africans living in the diaspora to engage in African agribusiness and to intentionally shop for more Made in Africa products as part of your self-care and wellness journeys. We’ve been on this journey for just over a year now, woahh!

In February this year we launched our own branded organic moringa tea that is made in Africa, Sierra Leone to be precise. But what even is moringa? and why do you keep hearing about it? Great questions! By the time you're done reading this, you will be kicking yourself for not having incorporated moringa into your into your wellness routine sooner. Not to worry, September is a month of new beginnings. Plus  we know if you are reading this, chances are you take your health, wellness and self care seriously, so no doubt you would already have other immunity boosting ingredients such as elderberry and ginger  incorporated into your diet.

Back to moringa

Moringa goes by many names, kind of like P-diddy. Moringa is called the drumstick tree, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, benzolive tree, the miracle tree, and it is also known by its scientific name moringa olefera.

 Moringa has MANY uses, especially because of its medicinal properties, health benefits and few known side effects, although pregnant women are asked to stay away from moringa root. Moringa has antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. Because moringa is naturally caffeine free, it can also be consumed as part of your night-time routine as a herbal tea. Speaking of night-time routine, moringa is said to protect  and nourish skin and hair. It also helps with treating stomach complaints, helps treating eye health, helps fight against bacterial diseases, several health studies have shown that moringa lowers blood sugar levels; and the list goes on.

 Did you know that seeds from the moringa tree have unique water purification properties? The seed extract can separate unwanted particulates from water sedimenting impurities. This means that moringa seeds can be used as an alternative to chemical water treatments in poorer rural areas. Click here after reading this blog to see this process. Amazing right?


By now you get the gist, moringa is kind of a big deal. Our organic herbal moringa teas are a gateway to incorporating moringa into your diet, because you can experience the taste of moringa by simply adding hot water to our plain moringa tea bags. Shop our made in Africa organic moringa teas today.